UW-x Embedded Systems Engineer

Projects I tackled during my time as an embedded systems engineer at UW-X.

Hornet Tracker

My first task at UW-X was to develop a BLE RSSI tracker that would help entomologists from the WSDA track giant hornets.

To accomplish this, I developed a BLE scanner/beacon pair using the nRF52840 dongles from Nordic Semiconductor. The beacon advertises a URL in eddystone format as well as a temperature packet every 10ms such that a civilian would be able to follow the URL if near and be informed of the dangers of the giant hornets. This advertisement is scanned by the receiver end where the RSSI of the signal is calculated and transmitted through UART CDC to the Android phone. Finally, on the Android, the RSSI data is integrated into a tracker GUI which demonstrates to the user where he/she should be heading to find the beacon.

Link to article by kiro7

Localization for Human Speakers

For this project, we are developing a system that will allow background noise to be filtered out when you are making a call.

I developed the firmware for a PDM microphone streaming platform called Shio alongside my lead, Maruchi Kim. I also furthered my development on Android and iOS by developing an app that would act as the central controller for an array of Shio boards. On the firmware end, I contributed to the short-term and fast-paced development of Shio by implementing features such as time synchronization and debugging via GDB, as well as improving the BLE GATT service firmware to fit our needs as more features were needed. My apps were developed on both the Android Studio platform and through xCode where I implemented the CoreBluetooth library to control multiple Shio devices with a clean and manageable user interface. The apps enabled the user to connect to as many Shio devices as needed and receive a PDM microphone stream from them for use in our ML model for source separation and localization.