About Me

Career stuff

I grew up in Grandview, WA where I graduated from high school and got my Associates degree at Yakima Valley College. Shortly after, I transferred to the University of Washington in Seattle where I got my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. Since graduating in 2020, I have worked as a software engineer and have gotten to work on exciting projects in the medical device industry. One such project was a smartphone application developed during my time at Sound Life Sciences that leveraged sonar technology to measure breathing and which even received FDA approval for software as a medical device. After 2 years at Sound Life Sciences, the company was acquired by Google and I had the pleasure of working on research and development for their mobile and wearable platforms.

What I'm up to now

After being laid off by Google earlier in 2023 (bummer), I saw an opportunity to change my career's direction. Specifically, I wanted to pivot towards a career in computer vision, robotics and machine learning since those were areas that fascinated me and I because I want to be making cool autonomous robots in my eccentric old age. Since my last day at Google, I've been hard at work studying linear algebra, statistics and image processing while also working on a handful of projects in the hopes of becoming an expert in computer vision and robotics. I created this blog to share my progress with others and to showcase my work.